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The country of Belgium is located in western Europe and has a vast railway network. It is the oldest railroad in continental Europe and its history dates back to 1835 when the first railroad was constructed. As a result, the Belgian railway network has developed and expanded significantly over the years to meet the increasing demand of thousands of travelers. Belgium's national carrier isn't the only operator of high-speed trains. Also, it operates other high-speed trains, including Eurostar, Thalys, TGV, and InterCity, which mainly serve international routes. There is an extensive rail network in the Netherlands as well that connects all major cities and towns. If you are someone who values speed and a high level of service above all else, then trains are the way to travel in the Netherlands.

Belgium Rail Map

Belgium's well-developed railroad network offers adventurers the convenience of planning their journeys with ease. This extensive network not only covers the beautiful cities within Belgium but also provides direct connections to some of Europe's most attractive destinations. Whether you're dreaming of strolling along the picturesque canals of Amsterdam, immersing yourself in the vibrant culture of Berlin, savoring the romance of Paris, embracing the cosmopolitan vibes of London, or discovering the heart of Europe in Brussels, Belgium's rail system ensures that these enchanting cities are within your reach. It's the perfect gateway to an unforgettable European adventure, connecting you to a world of possibilities.

Netherlands Rail Map

The Netherlands boasts an extensive and highly efficient railway network that offers adventurers a multitude of options for planning their journeys. This comprehensive network connects not only the vibrant cities and picturesque towns within the Netherlands but also extends its reach to some of the most sought-after destinations in Europe. Travelers can meticulously plan their trips in advance, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey. Whether you're dreaming of exploring the historic charm of Berlin, indulging in the culinary delights of Brussels, savoring the art and culture of Paris, or experiencing the cosmopolitan energy of London, the Netherlands' railway system provides easy access to these iconic European cities, among many others. This extensive connectivity allows you to design your itinerary with flexibility and convenience, making your European adventure a memorable and enriching experience.

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