Paris to Brussels Train

Enjoy the spectacular views of Europe as you travel from Paris to Brussels by train. Dive deep into some of Europe's most magnificent sights for only $71 one-way!
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  • Nord Station

    18 Rue de Dunkerque, 75010, Paris , France

  • Arrow
    264 km in just 1 h 22 min by train
  • Midi Station
    Avenue Fonsny 47B, 1060 Brussels, Belgium

Paris to Brussels Train Information

Travel time

Travel time

1h 22m - 1h 38m


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Daily departures

Daily departures

Earliest departure
Earliest departure

Discovering France and Belgium by train is one of the best ways to do so. The train route from Paris to Brussels is one of the fascinating ways to travel since this route passes through numerous picturesque landscapes, such as majestic mountains and emerald green hills. Benelux's train system is the best way to explore Europe and get around. In addition to being an affordable mode of transportation in Belgium and Paris, the train is also convenient to use. Take the Thalys train between Paris and Brussels to get the most out of your journey. Both Economy and First Class Seats will provide you with spacious seats, modern amenities, and an enjoyable trip.​ More information about train routes details you can find on Benelux trains.

Paris to Brussels Train Map & Tips

Rail Map
  • Train on the route:
    Only one type of train operates on this route - Thalys high-speed train reaching a max speed of 300km/h
  • Stay flexible:
    ​Explore different dates and times to find budget-friendly train tickets and maximize your savings
  • Where to purchase tickets:
    ​You can purchase tickets via global train ticket reservation system Rail.Ninja
  • Important to know:
    Train schedules are typically available 12 weeks in advance, allowing you to plan your trip to the Benelux countries three months ahead

Paris to Brussels Train Timetable

From the glorious capital of France to the significant city of Belgium, taking the train is the most sensible choice of transport. Therefore, choose a great way to experience the highest level of comfort and quality of service onboard the Thalys train when traveling directly from Paris to Brussels.​

*The information is subject to change. Planning a rail journey in France & Belgium? Check current Paris - Brussels train timetable.

Thalys Train on Paris - Brussels Route
Travelers on popular routes, like Paris to Brussels, often opt for Thalys trains. Thalys offers an extensive schedule with multiple daily departures, comfortable travel conditions, excellent onboard amenities, and punctuality rates of around 98%. Trains are air-conditioned, equipped with power sockets, and feature clean, cozy, and spacious seats with ample legroom.

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