Eurostar High-Speed Trains

Rail Rides with Exceptional Comfort at Maximum Speed of 300 km/h

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Traveling by Eurostar Train

When traveling by train from Paris to London and the other side of the country, Eurostar high-speed trains are among the smartest ways to save time when traveling. These trains link the capitals of France and England very efficiently.

You may be wondering how fast the Eurostar train can run. It is a bullet high-speed train, which reaches a top speed of 300 kilometers per hour (186 miles per hour).

Moreover, there are more than ten Eurostar departures from each city each day. Currently, there are three classes of these trains: Standard, Standard Premier, and Business Premier.

Eurostar Compartments & Classes

​On the Eurostar train, you have the option of choosing from three comfort classes: Economy, Business, and First Class. They have the ability to cater to the needs of any traveler, whether you are traveling with children or friends. ​

Eurostar Economy Class

There are comfortable seats in this class that have armrests, a table (that can be folded or not), and enough legroom to accommodate the passengers. Power sockets and free WiFi are provided on board the train, and special needs seats are available, as well as the possibility of purchasing snacks in the train's Restaurant Car.

Economy Class Amenities ​
  • Modern seats
  • Capacious luggage racks
  • Multifunctional tables
  • One Electric plug per double seat
  • Air-conditioner​ on-board
  • Restaurant and bistro car
  • Wi-Fi

Eurostar Business Class

As a matter of fact, this is the most comfortable class that you can choose from on Eurostar trains. There are comfortable seats with ample legroom, and a table (it can either be foldable or not, depending on your preference). You will find power sockets on the train, as well as free WiFi, and you will be able to find seats for people with special needs. In addition to the light meal, you will also be able to purchase food from the vending machine or food trolley. Additionally, passengers can indicate their preference for sitting in a silent car of the train during the booking.

Business Class Amenities
  • ​Maximum leg room
  • High-quality leather seat covers
  • Individually adjustable seats with adaptable back rests and leg rests
  • Spacious folding tables​
  • Quiet harmonious working conditions
  • Wi-Fi
  • One electrical plug per seat for laptops or other electronic devices
  • Tea and water is included

Eurostar 1st Class

In this class of Eurostar trains, you'll find comfortable seats with plenty of legroom and a table (either folding or not depending on whether it's a table seat). On the train, there are also power sockets, as well as free WiFi and wheelchair seating. It is included in the ticket price a light meal with tea and water. Passengers can also purchase food from the vending machine and/or trolley on board.

Premium Class Amenities
  • Tea and water is included
  • High-quality leather seat covers
  • Cafe-bar car
  • Spacious folding tables​
  • Quiet harmonious working conditions
  • Wi-Fi
  • Power socket at seat
  • Spacious work surfaces

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Eurostar Rail Map

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