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Enjoy the enchanting views of Europe as you travel from London to Paris by train. Furthermore, you'll be able to see some of Europe's most significant sights for just $84 one-way!
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London to Paris Train Information

Travel time

Travel time

3h 20m - 3h 59m


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Daily departures

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Earliest departure

Discover English and French history and culture by choosing a train trip. Traveling from London to Paris by train is one of the best ways of exploring England and France. This train route will lead you through the picturesque views, and you'll be willing to admire and explore the natural treasures of Europe. Thanks to the modern railway system, you can travel quickly and easily in the Benelux countries and beyond. In both London and Paris, this is also an affordable transportation method. Whether traveling to Paris from London or embarking on the reverse journey from London to Paris, the Eurostar train from Paris to London is a great and convenient option for travelers looking for affordable, cozy, and out-of-the-ordinary adventure. Both Economy Class and First class seats are spacious, comfortable, and will bring you a relaxing trip.​ More information about train routes details you can find on Benelux trains.

London to Paris Train Map & Tips

Rail Map
  • Train on the route:
    Only one type of train operates on this route - Eurostar high-speed train reaching a max speed of 300km/h
  • Stay flexible:
    ​Explore different dates and times to find budget-friendly train tickets and maximize your savings
  • Where to purchase tickets:
    ​You can purchase tickets via global train ticket reservation system Rail.Ninja
  • Important to know:
    Train schedules are typically available 12 weeks in advance, allowing you to plan your trip to the Benelux countries three months ahead

London to Paris Train Timetable

Traveling from the capital of the UK to the heart of fabulous France is definitely easier by taking a train from London to Paris. The experience of traveling by Eurostar, a high-speed train offering superior comfort and high quality service, is exceptional.

*The information is subject to change. Planning a rail journey in UK & France? Check current London - Paris train timetable.

Eurostar Train on London - Paris Route
When journeying from enchanting London to magnificent Paris and vice versa, the high-speed Eurostar trains stand out as one of the fastest and most efficient choices for travelers. Eurostar trains operate at high speeds, offering modern conveniences and comfort. These trains are equipped with contemporary amenities, accommodating staff, complimentary Wi-Fi, and generously spacious seats.

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