Brussels to Paris Train

Journey from Brussels to Paris by train for just $98 one-way and immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of one of Europe's most picturesque countries. Experience an up-close view of some of Europe's most stunning attractions!
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  • Midi Station
    Avenue Fonsny 47B, 1060 Brussels, Belgium
  • Arrow
    264 km in just 1 h 22 min by train
  • Nord Station

    18 Rue de Dunkerque, 75010, Paris , France

Brussels to Paris Train Information

Travel time

Travel time

1h 22m - 1h 23m


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Daily departures

Daily departures

Earliest departure
Earliest departure

Getting around in Belgium and France by train is one of the best ways. The Brussels to Paris train journey is one of the fascinating routes you can take from Belgium and France because it allows you to see the breathtaking landscapes of Europe. The Benelux region offers travelers many train routes that allow them to travel and explore the country's hidden gems. In addition to this, it is also one of the cheapest ways of getting around in Belgium and Paris. When looking for something comfortable and dazzling, the Thalys train from Brussels to Paris is an excellent choice. Seats in both Economy Class and First Class of Thalys trains will provide you with comfortable and enjoyable travel experiences.​ More information about train routes details you can find on Benelux trains.

Brussels to Paris Train Map & Tips

Rail Map
  • Train on the route:
    Only one type of train operates on this route - Thalys high-speed train reaching a max speed of 300km/h
  • Stay flexible:
    ​Explore different dates and times to find budget-friendly train tickets and maximize your savings
  • Where to purchase tickets:
    ​You can purchase tickets via global train ticket reservation system Rail.Ninja
  • Important to know:
    Train schedules are typically available 12 weeks in advance, allowing you to plan your trip to the Benelux countries three months ahead

Brussels to Paris Train Timetable

Traveling by train from Brussels to Paris is the most convenient and budget-friendly way to get from the fantastic capital of Belgium to the very center of the inspirational country of France. Furthermore, traveling by direct high-speed Thalys train is an excellent way to assess the highest level of comfort and quality of service on board.​

*The information is subject to change. Planning a rail journey in Belgium & France? Check current Brussels - Paris train timetable.

Thalys Train on Brussels - Paris Route
Travelers often choose the modern and comfortable high-speed Thalys for journeys like Brussels to Paris. Thalys offers frequent departures, excellent onboard amenities, short travel times, and reliable punctuality. On Thalys trains, you can expect complimentary Wi-Fi, air conditioning, power outlets, comfy seats, and ample legroom in over 98% of cases.

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