Gare du Nord Station

​Address: 18 Rue de Dunkerque, 75010, Paris , France
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Gare du Nord Train Station

Gare du Nord (Paris-Nord) represents a majestic neoclassical structure built-in 1861-1865 on the old site of the station. It comes with a facade decorated with 23 statues which is a trick of the eye. This train station is the principal rail hub connection in the French capital, providing a wide network of rail connections, both domestic and international, operated by high-speed trains like Eurostar, Thalys, and TGV, in addition to regional and Intercity trains. As a result of its annual passenger turnover reaching almost 222 million people, Gare du Nord can rightfully be regarded as one of the busiest stations in Europe. Moreover, Gare du Nord has been the setting for several French and Hollywood films.​

The station's historical significance and architectural beauty make it not only a transportation hub but also a cultural landmark in Paris. Its cinematic presence in various films adds to its allure and further solidifies its place in the hearts of both locals and tourists alike.

Gare du Nord Rail Station Facilities

Facilities at the station: ​​

  • Spacious waiting area
  • Ticket counters
  • Baggage handling services
  • Prayer rooms
  • Refreshment facilities
  • Information desk
  • Restrooms
  • ATM machines
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Lost and found counter
  • Medical assistance
  • Car parking area
  • Taxi stand
  • Energy-efficient lighting and ventilation systems

Explore Gare du Nord Railway Station

Among France's most important train stations, the Gare du Nord is the newest, and is probably the most beautiful of them all. Take a look inside and out of this beautiful but most importantly, functional train station to gain a better understanding of what to expect and how to navigate it.​ More information about train routes details you can find on Benelux trains.

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What to Know About Gare du Nord Rail Station

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